Grilling Whole Fish

Fish is the most enriched source for protein they are delicious and healthy. Fishes are famous throughout the world, obviously cities alongside the river or sea eats a lot of fish. There are two main types of fish, seawater fish or freshwater fish. Freshwater fish are more tastier. Today we will be grilling a seawater fish that is red snapper that my favorite seawater fish.

Now first of all go to the fish market and buy a fresh red snapper, but if a fish market is not available then you can also buy them from the supermarket. The fresh fish tastes better; they are more delicious and tasty. Get your fish descaled, gutted, and trimmed. Once you have bought your fish start with marinate. For that you will need one large shallot finely chopped, two minced garlic cloves, a handful of chopped parsley, two tablespoon of freshly chopped tarragon, two tablespoon of chopped mint, one tablespoon of lemon zest, juice of one large lemon and salt and pepper to taste and four tablespoon of olive oil.

Make 3 to 4 parallel cuts (1 1/2 inches apart) into fish, slicing into the flesh at a 45-degree angle, down to the bone Mix all of the ingredients and spices in a large tray and apply equally in all the parts of the fish. Once fish is completely coated with marinate, place the fish in the refrigerator for thirty minutes so that marinate gets properly absorbed in the fish.

During this time, start to prepare your grill, you can use a gas grill or a charcoal grill. I prefer best gas grills as it’s easy to handle and use. To start your gas grill, check for the gas supply. If you have a supply of a natural gas then there is no need to worry, just turn the gas supply. But if you have a propane tank check of the gas in the tank and make sure it’s sufficient enough for the whole grilling process. Before starting, the gas grill cleans its grate and applies little bit of oil on them to avoid sticking. Once you are satisfied with the gas supply turn the gas knob open and ignite the fire with the help of a lighter. Let the grates of the gas grill be warmed on a high heat for about ten minutes. Once your gas grill hot enough take the fish out of marinate and place them on the well-oiled grate of the gas grill on a medium heat.

Fish takes about ten minutes to grill each side, as one side is grilled flip the fish with the help of a metal spatula be very carefully. Once both side are done serve them straight away with the side salad, pita bread and a glass of sparkling drink.

This was my favorite fish recipe; I hope that you will try them out. Invite your friends and family over a weekend and astonish them with this delicious fish, the taste that they will never forget.